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The Haunting by peevee [21K]
Sherlock/John (non-explicit). First time. AU. Historical fantasy. Lovecraftian horror.

In an alternate, war-torn London in 1895, there are things stalking the streets after dark. A serial killer called Stitch-Face, known for the brutal, bloody slaughter of prostitutes; dark, faceless organisations whose members are rumoured to consist of the most powerful and influential; and most deadly of all, monsters known as Witch-kin.

A spate of unsolved murders, a mysterious young man with a dark secret, and at the centre of it all, Sherlock Holmes.

Carry On by Mazarin221b [4K]
Sherlock/John (explicit). First time. Canon. Hurt/comfort. Injured!John.

“Christ, Mike, I think he’s in love with me,” John says, then drops his forehead on the bar.

Mike takes a long swallow of beer, then eyes John a bit more closely. “What the hell makes you think that? He’s not … I mean, not that I don’t like the bloke, I mean, I do, but really. Sherlock? You sure you don’t still have concussion issues?”

(Five times John didn’t want to be carried, and one time he did.)

The Sea Rolls On by eight_demands [15K]
Sherlock/John (explicit). First time. AU. Pirates. Action/adventure.

John knew he was being reckless. They’d all heard stories about sailors who’d been taken by pirates on the border islands, how beautiful young men or women were used to lure the unwary into deserted back alleys, where they’d be robbed and killed – if they were lucky. John wasn’t lucky. He knew that even before the sharp blow against his skull dropped him into darkness.

Achieving the Together-Coloured Instant by teahigh [20K]
Sherlock/John (explicit). Established. Canon. Character focus. TRF aftermath.

John wonders if this is how it’s going to be: A life speaking in code, because they’re both too stupid to figure out how to say, “I love you.”